Too many blogs!

Although I manage two company websites with WordPress, this one I just haven’t managed to keep up with.  I am using BlogSpot as my main one, so I won’t collapse this one quite yet.  Please follow the link the see what I’m up to!  Interactive Puzzles have caught my attention!





TpT Mentorship

Would you like help starting your own TpT store?   Click here to JOIN!   I have learned how to run a store through trial and error and I guess I must be doing something right.  I would love to help!

There are over 112,000 Teacher-Author stores, but don’t let that discourage you!  I started at the bottom, with my first listing, just as you will.  Within a year I was in the top 15%!  No, I’m not a millionaire, not by a long shot, but the income doesn’t hurt, and it is in US funds!  Each month my rank and total income continues to climb.  I love the personal challenge to keep improving.  If you have developed lessons, worthy of sharing, then this is the venue for you.  Be aware, your lessons must be better than they were for your own personal use.  Teachers want good value for their money.  Keep prices modest.  The income comes with multiple sales.  Interested?  Click here!

My TpT Store

Please visit my store, try out my free kite lesson, and then go back and see what else would help you in your teaching life.  My career was spent inventing the wheel!  As a Teachers-Pay-Teachers teacher-author sharing my expertise, your time will be better spent using tried and true lessons. Get inspired!